Hip Dip fat Graft

Seojin plastic surgery


We design in harmony with your overall body shape and contour, delicately avoiding damage to surrounding tissues.


Beyond overall body shaping, we create an appealing figure with smooth lines, and a fuller pelvis and hips.


The foundation of a beautiful body

Many women desire a body with a naturally curved, wide pelvic line and full, uplifted hips—the epitome of femininity.

Beautiful and voluptuous breasts

slender body type

Smooth and wide pelvic line

Voluminous hips

Recently, the number of women who engage in exercise such as fitness, CrossFit, Pilates, and yoga has increased significantly, and most women enjoy lower body exercises to achieve a wide, smooth pelvis and voluminous and elastic hips. However, no matter how much they exercise, many people do not see the desired results due to limitations in their natural body type.


What is Hip Dip?

This is a phenomenon in which the top of the pelvis and the outside of the buttocks appear hollow due to the position and shape of the pelvis and hip bones. For some people with developed muscles, this can be compensated for by building up muscles through exercise, but not everyone can compensate for it with exercise.

Due to hip dips, the pelvic line is not smooth, making the pelvis look narrow compared to its actual width. Therefore, when wearing skinny jeans or slim dresses, this area often appears unsightly, so many women are making efforts to make improvements.


improvements made with a fat graft

By extracting unnecessary fat from the flanks and abdomen and transplanting it to the pelvis and hip dip area, you can achieve a double effect by making the waistline narrower and the pelvis and hip dip area smooth and voluminous.

We remove fat from unwanted areas and graft it to enhance the pelvic and hip contours.

Achieve a smooth and voluminous contour.


fat Graft by Seojin: no risks, no worries

fast and accurate

Suction and transplantation are carried out simultaneously, so the surgery time is reduced and the engraftment rate is high.

experience in both surgeries

For both liposuction and breast augmentation, satisfactory results are a must with extensive experience and know-how.

Professional body shaping management

Specialized management equipment for body shaping surgery prevents calcification, increases engraftment rate, and minimizes swelling, bruising, and pain.

Prediction of surgical outcome

With 3D virtual plastic surgery using Chrysalax, you can check the missing area and enlarged breast volume in advance.


Efficacy of liposuction depends on skill

The various problems that arise as a result of surgery are a matter of skill, not luck.

If the Surgeon is Inexperienced

An inexperienced liposuction surgeon might cause damage to surrounding tissues like skin, muscles, and nerves, leading to various side effects.

The Seojin Difference

Long-term expertise and experience greatly increase the likelihood of extracting only pure fat, minimizing risks and side effects by reducing contact with surrounding tissues.


Carefully Consider the Implications of Fat removal

For desired body volume, your own fat is the best material.

Facial Fat Transplant (full face, area-specific)

Breast Fat Grafting, Hybrid Breast Augmentation


Why liposuction at Seojin?

Trust in our experience, expertise, and meticulous management for even the most challenging surgeries.

1:1 dedicated care

A plastic surgeon with extensive surgical experience and know-how provides 1:1 dedicated care from surgery to post-operative care.

ultrasound examination

Accurate and safe surgery is possible by determining the distribution and depth of fat in each area in detail through precise ultrasound examination before surgery.

Preventing scars and damage

A fine cannula of 2.5 mm or less minimizes scarring and prevents damage to the skin by using a protector that prevents friction during surgery.

InBody test

Surgery is performed after analyzing obesity through systematic and precise diagnosis using the InBody body composition analyzer.


At Seojin, we strive for perfection in everything, from consultation to surgery, and follow-up care.

Fast and effective scar care and recovery

Magic Pot Care

Magic Pot Care aids in the breakdown of body fat by delivering thermal energy deep into the dermis and fat layers. It helps to expel fat like water, enabling smoother lines and also increasing skin elasticity.

Smart Lux Care

This is an aftercare that uses special medical LEDs to help soothe and regenerate the skin in the surgical area and relieve inflammation, pain, swelling, and bruising to help with a quick and comfortable recovery.

Capsulitis Care

This ultrasound device helps to quickly reduce swelling and bruising through lymphatic circulation after liposuction. It alleviates fibrosis to prevent the liposuction area from becoming hard and improves skin tone. It is also an aftercare that helps to reduce post-surgical pain.


Synergy program for smooth and beautiful lines

Various procedures to prevent side effects such as bio bond and fibrosis after liposuction surgery

Body Shrink

This is an ultrasound that improves sagging skin after liposuction to become smoother and more elastic, and to create beautiful lines, with a 6mm and 9mm body tip.

Melody 2

Body lifting using optical fibers improves wrinkles, induces collagen synthesis, improves stretch marks, and improves skin texture and texture.

Botox & Fat Decomposition Injection

This is a variety of injection procedures that improve curved muscles that cannot be improved with liposuction, create smooth lines, and reduce the actual size.