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Correct sagging breasts and regain confidence with your ideal breast shape.

Seojin plastic surgery


We provide satisfactory results through various analyses including the actual cause of sagging and the reason it appears to be sagging.


Director Lee Hyungmin directly provides surgical consultations.

Successful breast augmentation requires understanding the patient’s preoperative condition and desires. Seojin Plastic Surgery unlocks beauty’s potential through in-depth, pre-surgery consultations with our director.

Seojin is where our director’s dedication comes full circle, offering more than beauty—a place that inspires a brighter future and nurtures the soul.


Causes of breast sagging and why Lifting is needed

Breast ptosis, or sagging, often leads to a loss of confidence in women. While typically due to breasts being large or heavy relative to the body, sometimes even smaller, lighter breasts may sag for various reasons.

Losing the sense of youth and femininity can diminish confidence and, in severe cases, cause stress or depression that disrupts daily life.


Sagging due to childbirth and breastfeeding.


Decreased elasticity due to aging.


Sudden changes in both weight gain and loss.


Loss of upper chest fat.


Congenital sagging and enlargement of the breasts.


How to diagnose and Lift sagging breasts

Normal~Minor Grade 1 Sagging

Surgery is not necessary, or simple lifting surgery is enough to correct the sagginess.

Grade 2~3 Severe Sagging

Breast reduction, augmentation, or even major lifting surgery is required.


How to correct sagging breasts by type

Sagging Due to Loss of Volume Above Chest

Corrected by increasing the volume of the upper breast using implants or fat grafting, or by collecting and fixing the mammary gland tissue.

Shrinkage Due to Aging

Corrected with general breast augmentation surgery using autologous fat and implants.

Sagging Due to Aging

Corrected using various surgeries performed in a complex manner, with a combination of augmentation, elevation, and fixation of the mammary gland.

Sagging Due to Enlargement

Corrected with breast reduction or breast lift surgery and, if necessary, volume restoration surgery.


Breast Lift surgery methods

An experienced director with extensive experience in all fields of breast augmentation performs the surgery and performs customized surgery to suit every situation, including current condition, body type, and wishes.

periareolar incision

This method is performed when the volume of the breast to be excised is small and there is no need to significantly raise the nipple position. The incision line remains only around the areola, scars are barely visible, and recovery is relatively quick.

vertical incision

If the breasts are wide on both sides, it is almost impossible to move the position of the nipple with this method. The advantage is that there is less scarring because no incision is made in the area below the breast line.


A surgical method that is often performed in cases of large breasts where the volume of the breast to be removed is large and the position of the nipple needs to be raised significantly. Compared to other surgical methods, there is a possibility that scars will remain, but effective reduction and shape improvement are possible.


Virtual 3D Breast Implant Modeling

Ever wondered how you’d look post-surgery? At Seojin, you can preview your results with Crisalix 3D virtual modeling and collaborate on your ideal shape.


At Seojin, we strive for perfection in everything, from consultation to surgery, and follow-up care.

Satisfactory Results And Prevention Of Side Effects

Keller funnel

Surgery using a sterile, disposable Keller Funnel prevents infection and allows for accurate surgery while minimizing scarring and recovery time through minimal incision.

Full HD endoscope

Surgery using full HD endoscope equipment allows accurate confirmation of the location of the implant and minimizes bleeding to prevent side effects such as capsular contracture.


At Seojin, we strive for perfection in everything, from consultation to surgery, and follow-up care.

Fast and effective scar care and recovery

Smart Lux Care

This is an aftercare that uses special medical LEDs to help soothe and regenerate the skin in the surgical area and relieve inflammation, pain, swelling, and bruising to help ensure a quick and comfortable recovery.

Capsulitis Care

This ultrasound device is designed for post-breast augmentation care, preventing early capsular contracture and aiding in achieving natural volume, shape, and texture. It also eases swelling, bruising, and pain, contributing to a speedy recovery.

Semi-Permanent Scar Removal Center

We run a specialized center for semi-permanent scar concealment, ensuring all measures are taken for those concerned about even the smallest scars.

Painless Injection

We always stock and prescribe pain-free injections for those who experience pain despite various treatments, or are particularly sensitive to pain.

Specialized Scar Ointment

To ensure that not even the slightest scar remains, we provide specialized scar ointment to help you manage them effectively.

Prescription of Anti-Capsular Contracture Medication

After breast augmentation surgery, we provide management and prescribe medication to prevent capsular contracture, which occurs when the tissue hardens or changes shape due to tissue contraction.



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