Non-invasive Face Lift

Fast, effective, and minimal incision lifting through temple elevation.

Seojin plastic surgery

Non-invasive Face Lift

Fast, effective, and minimal incision lifting through temple elevation.

Seojin plastic surgery

What is a Non-Invasive face Lift?

Originally, in plastic surgery, lifting meant a traditional facelift which involves cutting and lifting the skin to address sagging. Though it offers great improvement, concerns about major surgery and costs led to the development of non-invasive face lifting, or ‘mini-lifting’. This popular procedure achieves significant results through minimal incisions in the temple area.


Effective lifting and anatomical knowledge are key

The face has many tissues and structures formed in a small area.

For a definitive lifting effect, it’s crucial to understand both the visible signs and underlying changes of aging to address the issues effectively.

Indeed, diagnosis, surgery, and aftercare by a plastic surgeon well-versed in facial anatomy and with a wealth of surgical and clinical experience are integral to successful outcomes.

While we cannot demonstrate our techniques in person, we can describe them verbally and in writing. Rest assured, our surgical skills and the satisfaction they bring will speak for themselves.


Principles of a Non-Invasive Face Lift

We accurately identify the amount of skin that can be pulled up to improve wrinkles and sagging skin, such as on the cheeks, deep cheeks, and around the eyes.

After pulling up the sagging skin, a minimal incision is made in the temple area and the excess skin is removed to naturally lift the skin.

Following this, the incision is pulled up and finely sutured. Incisions and sutures are made whilst avoiding hair follicles, minimizing concerns about hair regrowth and scarring.


a on-Invasive Face Lift is recommended for:

  • Those who feel anxious about facelift surgery.
  • Those who did not see satisfactory results from laser lifting treatment.
  • Those who want to naturally improve sagging areas.
  • Those who find thread lifting difficult due to foreign body reactions.
  • Those who need to return to daily life immediately after surgery.
Fast surgery time, a quick return to daily life, and excellent lifting effects.


Procedural Synergy for maximum effect

There are various procedures and surgeries that can compliment non-invasive face lifting, boosting the overall effect.

thread lifting

The amount of sagging skin lifted upward increases, and collagen in the treatment area is boosted, improving skin elasticity and texture.

laser lifting

By removing fat, we enhance skin elasticity, reduce fine lines, amplify contouring effects, and extend the duration of results.

Liposuction & Grafting

Contours are improved through liposuction and fat grafting on protruding or sagging areas, which can occur due to aging.

Seojin uses the best thread combination for each patient situation

Seojin has various different lasers like Ultherapy or Shurink

Seojin also performs PRP fat grafting for the best rejuvenation effect

Good fat grafting result starts from liposuction performed by experienced surgeon

If the Surgeon is Inexperienced

An inexperienced liposuction surgeon might cause damage to surrounding tissues like skin, muscles, and nerves, leading to various side effects.

The Seojin Difference

Long-term expertise and experience greatly increase the likelihood of extracting only pure fat, minimizing risks and side effects by reducing contact with surrounding tissues.


Maximizing Efficacy: Attendant system for safety

Everything from consultation to surgery and post-surgery progress checks is carried out through the director’s hotline.