Seojin plastic surgery

eyebrow Microblading

Say goodbye to uneven eyebrows in the morning – attain the style you desire.


Eyebrow Microblading is recommended:

  • For those who want to save time drawing eyebrows.
  • For those who are frustrated by short-lived eyebrow make up.
  • For those who want a consistent eyebrow shape every day.
  • For those who wish to fix previously failed microblading treatment.


Is Microblading Restrictive?

When semi-permanent eyebrows restrict styling options, many dislike being limited to compatible styles rather than choosing their preferred look.

You Can Have Any Shape or Style You Want at Seojin

embossed eyebrows

For natural eyebrows, consider our technique that designs each strand to mimic fine hair, creating a lifelike appearance.


A technique that allows you to create the look of makeup by applying color to the entire eyebrow. If you want to have eyebrows with makeup on 365 days a year, this is for you.

combo eyebrows

Using a technique that mixes emboss and gradient, you can bring out the natural texture of your eyebrows while giving the look of makeup, creating a rich and natural look at the same time.


Seojin’s Microblading is unique in design

We provide a customized design that best suits your individual characteristics through 3D design that takes into account not only the shape of the eyebrows, but also the shape of your face and bone structure.


Is Microblading safe?

Microblading, a form of semi-permanent tattooing that adds pigment to the skin, carries risks from factors like the use of low-quality pigments, deep pigment injection into delicate skin, and treatment space cleanliness.

Inexpensive Pigments

Causes allergic reactions, pigmentation, and skin diseases.

Deep Skin Injection

Bleeding, swelling, bruising.

Unhygienic Needles

Causes infection, skin disease, and other side effects.


luxury Microblading products

Premium German Digital Microblading Devices

We ensure satisfaction with both results and safety by using a German-made premium device for safe and precise microblading.

With luxurious equipment and treatment, you’ll feel a distinct quality from the start.


Seojin’s Microblading products are safe

Seojin combines medical expertise with professional beauty artists to deliver safe, high-quality treatments with a sensuous design tailored to your needs.

Collaboration with medical staff

Medical treatment for inflammation and allergies that may occur after the procedure is possible, and is performed under anesthesia by medical staff.

German natural coloring

We use the highest quality natural pigments certified by German and domestic derma tests.

Use of disposable needles

Precise and safe procedures are possible using a premium digital machine and disposable needles.


Seojin finds the permanent eyebrow line That suits you the best