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Achieve a natural shape, movement, and feel with implants designed to complement your body and boost your confidence.

Seojin plastic surgery


Surgery is possible with a variety of implants that take into account the patient’s needs and current condition, such as body type and breast shape.


Director Lee Hyungmin directly provides surgical consultations.

Successful breast augmentation requires understanding the patient’s preoperative condition and desires. Seojin Plastic Surgery unlocks beauty’s potential through in-depth, pre-surgery consultations with our director.

Seojin is where our director’s dedication comes full circle, offering more than beauty—a place that inspires a brighter future and nurtures the soul.


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GCA Diamond Line


The Motiva implant is an ergonomic, smooth silk-type design with a finely textured surface that promotes excellent biocompatibility and minimal foreign body reaction. Its volume and movement adapt naturally to gravity, closely mimicking the real breast whether you’re lying down or standing.

natural movement

Excellent biocompatibility

Minimal foreign body reaction

soft touch

Continuous Research and Expertise on Motiva

Hyeongmin Lee, CEO of Seojin Plastic Surgery
[Invitation to Motiva International Research Conference ‘Evolution Summit’]

Motiva implants meet ISO elongation standards, boast ASTM-level stretch and tensile strength, offer durable, stable shapes, and provide consistent tension during surgery, ensuring high satisfaction.

Mentor, which boasts a long history of 50 years, is a safe product with FDA approval for the silicone, the internal material, and the external material of the implant. Both smooth and textured types are available, as well as various sizes to choose from depending on your body type/desires.

FDA-approved safety

Various sizes to choose from

natural touch

natural volume

Mentor: Why you Should Choose Seojin Plastic Surgery

Featuring a silicone outer and inner skin, our implants prevent gel leaks and ruptures. The inner silicone is soft yet cohesive. Both layers are FDA-approved, minimizing the implant dimpling phenomenon.

Sebbin implants range includes INTEGRITY with high-cohesion gel for shape and feel; SUBLIMITY offering a human-friendly touch and elasticity; and PURITY, which most resembles human texture and elasticity at 30 years old. All come in various types and sizes, and are tailored to individual characteristics.

various types

various sizes

Tactile sensation similar to the human body

Human-friendly product

Sebbin, with its 30+ years of expertise and innovation, undergoes rigorous quality control. Its products are accredited by European CE, ISO, GMP, MDSAP, and the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for diverse technology and stringent quality management.

Constructed with long-term medical-grade paragel silicone, GCA implants are proven safe. The multi-layered barrier reduces leakage, enhances shell integrity, and lowers capsular contracture risks. Ensuring top safety, these implants have demonstrated long-term stability through extensive 10-year clinical trials involving over 500 patients, with consistently positive outcomes.

long-term stability

multipurpose scope

Warranty Policy

High patient satisfaction

Manufactured under GMP with ISO 13485 certification, the GCA DIALINE implants undergo comprehensive quality and regulatory tests. Approved in over 70 countries, they come with a lifetime warranty under the Gumport Plus policy.


breast implant methods

An accomplished director with extensive experience in all fields of breast augmentation performs three types of surgery methods that are customized to suit every situation, including current breast condition, body type, and wishes.

axillary incision surgery

There is no loss of nipple sensation, no disruption to breastfeeding, and since the incision is made in the armpit crease area, scars are almost invisible. The surgery time is short and recovery is relatively fast.


Immediately after surgery, arm movement is free, allowing for a relatively comfortable recovery. Accurate surgery is possible because it is close to the area where the implant will be located.

sub-breast incision surgery

This is a surgical method that allows surgery without damaging mammary glands and other tissues and allows for relatively greater enlargement.


Virtual 3D Breast Implant Modeling

Ever wondered how you’d look post-surgery? At Seojin, you can preview your results with Crisalix 3D virtual modeling and collaborate on your ideal shape.


At Seojin, we strive for perfection in everything, from consultation to surgery and follow-up care.

Satisfactory results and prevention of side effects

3D virtual plastic surgery

Through 3D virtual plastic surgery, you can analyze your body shape and needs and preview the results of the surgery, such as volume and shape, maximizing satisfaction.

Full HD endoscope

Surgery using full HD endoscope equipment allows accurate confirmation of the location of the implant and minimizes bleeding to prevent side effects such as capsular contracture.

Keller funnel

Surgery using a sterile, disposable Keller Funnel prevents infection and allows for accurate surgery while minimizing scarring and recovery time through minimal incision.


At Seojin, we strive for perfection in everything, from consultation to surgery, and follow-up care.

Fast and effective scar care and recovery

Smart Lux Care

This is an aftercare that uses special medical LEDs to help soothe and regenerate the skin in the surgical area and relieve inflammation, pain, swelling, and bruising to help ensure a quick and comfortable recovery.

Capsulitis Care

This ultrasound device is designed for post-breast augmentation care, preventing early capsular contracture and aiding in achieving natural volume, shape, and texture. It also eases swelling, bruising, and pain, contributing to a speedy recovery.

Semi-Permanent Scar Removal Center

We run a specialized center for semi-permanent scar concealment, ensuring all measures are taken for those concerned about even the smallest scars.

Painless Injection

We always stock and prescribe pain-free injections for those who experience pain despite various treatments, or are particularly sensitive to pain.

Specialized Scar Ointment

To ensure that not even the slightest scar remains, we provide specialized scar ointment to help you manage them effectively.

Prescription of Anti-Capsular Contracture Medication

After breast augmentation surgery, we provide management and prescribe medication to prevent capsular contracture, which occurs when the tissue hardens or changes shape due to tissue contraction.



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