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We diagnose the root cause of hair loss and provide various solutions depending on our findings.

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Various causes of hair loss

The causes of hair loss are very diverse, including genetic causes, endocrine diseases, autoimmune abnormalities, hormonal abnormalities, childbirth, surgery, various scalp problems, and external factors like stress, or side effects from other drugs. Depending on the cause of the hair loss, different treatment solutions are needed.

When it comes to hair loss care, the most important thing is to accurately find the exact cause among the many possible reasons.


Seojin’s differentiated medical hair loss Treatment


Scalp Mesotherapy

This is a treatment that supplies the most needed nutrients directly to the scalp through injections and MTS depending on the diagnosis. Because nutrients are supplied directly to the hair follicles, the treatment is effective and the procedure can be performed relatively quickly.


scalp scaling

This treatment is effective when there is a lot of dead skin cells on the scalp which block the pores, causing the hair to become thinner and leading to hair loss. There is no need to worry about additional hair shedding because the procedure does not directly remove dead skin cells, but rather dissolves only dead skin cells.


Scalp exosomes

This treatment delivers a booster with exosomes—nano-sized vesicles that facilitate cell communication—to the scalp. It rejuvenates the damaged scalp, reduces inflammation, and activates cells to combat hair loss.


PRP scalp injection

This is a scalp care treatment using autologous PRP (platelet-rich plasma). It is an extremely effective treatment, with proven research showing that when PRP was injected, hair grew by about 76% or more compared to normal hair. Platelets contain a wide variety of growth factors, which are effective in treating hair loss and preventing further hair loss.


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Experience the difference with Seojin’s medical hair loss Treatment

Most products related to hair loss, such as medicines and shampoos, distributed on the market are ‘relievers’ rather than ‘cures’.

Individuals experiencing noticeable hair loss need ‘treatment,’ not just ‘relief.’ With years of focus on hair transplant techniques and enhancing engraftment rates, I’ve developed methods to treat various hair loss conditions, yielding impressive results.

Seojin’s medical hair loss care is crafted with a commitment to ‘making it better,’ offering definitive improvements, not just the hope of ‘it might get better.’

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A systematic diagnosis system cannot be overemphasized.

No matter how effective a treatment or medicine is, it cannot be effective if it does not match the symptoms. No matter how effective a hair loss treatment is, if the cause of the patient’s hair loss is not accurately analyzed and treatment or procedures that do not match the underlying cause are performed, the effect will be minimal or non-existent.

Seojin takes hair care seriously – we invite you to experience the difference.


Seojin hair Transplant: Key Checkpoints

Seojin is dedicated to hair transplants, meticulously addressing everything from fundamentals to style.

Checkpoint 01

Design with Everything in Mind

We perform various techniques taking into consideration the hairstyle, direction, and angle of hair texture, forehead line, and overall head shape that matches the shape of the face.

Checkpoint 02

Accurate and Fast Transplant Speed

We secure surrounding tissue and minimize scarring through a field-specific optimization system consisting of skilled medical staff capable of high-density mass transplantation, a professional hair follicle separation team, and professional medical staff.

Checkpoint 03

Professional Engraftment Solutions

Seojin’s unique engraftment solution is derived from continuous research on strengthening the engraftment rate. We have a dedicated room for hair follicle separation at low temperatures to prevent damage to hair follicles and increase the engraftment rate.

Checkpoint 04

PRP Autologous Blood Scalp Regeneration

Using platelets extracted from your own blood, it supplies sufficient nutrition to hair without rejection or allergic reactions, and shows excellent effects in improving skin aging and hair loss with various growth factors in the blood.

Checkpoint 05

HD Microscope Hair Follicle Isolation

Even if a large number of hair follicles are transplanted, if the roots of the hair follicles are damaged, hair will not grow well. After separating hair follicles, Seojin inspects them under a high-magnification microscope and transplants only undamaged hair follicles to allow hair to grow well.